We are located in Central Texas in a small town called Briggs. Our family has been raising beagles for about 15 years. We are striving for the smallest possible beagles without giving up any of the wonderful qualities that beagles possess. We have gotten smaller dogs through selective breeding not through line breeding or any of the other controversial size reduction methods. We register with AKC. They are the oldest most highly regarded registry in the United States. Our focus is on the smaller beagles but we do have some standard 13 inch beagles.

Our dogs are not caged, and are very well socialized. AKC visits every couple of years to give us an inspection. While they are here they do a random DNA test on a litter of puppies, go through our paperwork and inspect our kennel. We are proud to say we have got a perfect score. We also have a vet out twice a year to make sure everything is going well and provide shots for our adults. Puppies go to their new homes with 1st shots & wormed; ask about our health guarantee. Parents and sometimes grandparents are on site. Visitors are welcome to visit our house. Shipping at buyer's expense. Shipping usually runs $350.

​Ms Squaire was kind enough to ask me to provide insight on beagles. I find it an honor to be included in her book.