Logan is inquisitive but not quite as bouncy as Tim. He likes to quietly see what is going on and who wants to be his friend. Logan is a super fan of Mori my daughters lab who is a gentle giant. 

Tiny Tim is a little pistol. This little fellow is liek the energizer bunny. He loves to play with anyone who is around even if they are not in the mood to play with him. Usually that would be my older cat. It is funny to watch because eventually Tim will be sitting in front of him with his squeeky toy and a look of complete confusion as to why he would not want to play.

Puppies can be picked up from our house at eight weeks as long as they are eating on their own and doing well. To fly they must be eight weeks old. Shipping is available at buyers expense. It usually runs about $350 for one puppy or $400 for two.

$1500 Payment

​$500 Payment

All Paypal payments include a 3% processing fee. We do accept cash and checks without the fee.. 

PAYPAL can be used for a deposit. I am including the button above but please make sure to speak with me before making the deposit to ensure the puppy you are looking at is available and that you are a good fit for him/her. Note that with paypal there will be a 3% credit card fee. I can also accept checks as long as you call ahead to discuss the puppy with me.

DEPOSITS: We are happy to accept deposits. They are $200 and are non refundable unless something were to happen to the puppy you wanted. The $200 comes off the price of the puppy. We are happy to keep a puppy as long as you would like us to but we ask that if you want us to keep a puppy past 8 weeks that you make arrangements so we know what is going on. If contact is not maintained and prior arrangements have not been made the deposit will be forfited after 8 weeks. If you would like us to keep the puppy for longer than 8 weeks we do ask for another installment on the price of the puppy.

Our puppies are all full blood beagles. They are registered with AKC. They will come with AKC papers. They are NOT mixed with other breeds like some of the other people that claim "mini, pocket, or Queen Elizabeth Pocket beagles" We use AKC because it is a closed registry that insures that the dogs we get are in fact full blood beagles. AKC is the only closed registry in the United States. They are also the oldest registry. All required DNA has been completed on our dogs per AKC.

​$1000 Payment

Tanner. This little fellow is cute and he knows it. He has the personality of a diva. He practically prances when he walks. Tanner is a different color than most you see. He will end up with black on his back but not a full saddle. It will look more dilute.